Vi kan hjælpe dig med at finde det bedst egnede produkt til din anvendelse. Partikelcertificering jævnfør den ny ISO 14644-1, kontinuerlig partikelmonitorering af kritiske parametre jævnfør den nye EU GMP Annex1 eller indendørs luftkvalitetskontrol og meget mere.

Vi tilbyder mange forskellige modeller

  • Bærbare partikeltællere til brug ved monitorering og klassificering af renrum jævnfør ISO 14644-1, EU GMP Annex 1 eller Filter Testing i overensstemmelse med ISO 14644-3.
  • Håndholdte partikeltællere til brug ved indendørs luftkvalitetsanvendelser (IAQ /Indoor Air Quality) –eller fejlfinding i partikelkilder.
  • Fjernbetjente partikelsensorer til at opbygge et monitoreringssystem via et netværk til logdata i real-time.


TSI AeroTrak®+

They are designed so that you have critical data at your fingertips – using second-by-second sampling – without worry of data interruption or potential data loss. The reliability of the laser technology inside cannot be challenged as TSI offers the industry’s best laser warranty coverage ever – 5 years. All models comply with the stringent requirements set forth in the latest ISO 21501-4 calibration standard.

  • Reliable laser technology backed by the industry’s longest warranty (five years)
  • Secure, long-term collection and storage of critical manufacturing data
  • Reduce installation costs and complexity – wireless enabled with minimal infrastructure
  • Identifies industry’s widest range of particle sizes by way of available model options
  • Simplifies integration with Ethernet or DC power
  • Reliable operation with heavy industrial electrical immunity compliance
  • Early-warning of adverse environmental trends with per second sampling
  • Predictive instrument maintenance alerts
  • ISO 14644-14 suitability for use classified
  • Sealed inlet prevents accidental ingress of cleaning solutions
  • Rapid setup and unit configuration using standard USB-C cable
  • Easy integration into TSI FMS Software with sensor auto discovery
  • Easy Integration into third party systems with 4-20 mA analog data output model options
  • Model 7510 only
  • Enables 21 CFR Part 11 data collection with FMS S